Rotating incisor of dough

Rotating incisor of dough

Rotating incisor of dough



The rotating incisor of dough is intended for incision of dough after removal of the latter from an oven before baking to avoid cracks in the baked products.

Incision is carried out after the final preparation during dough running along the resetter from the oven to the sole of the baking oven. This incisor makes it possible to perform direct and skew incision.



Quantity of incisions 2 – 4 
Carriage travel, mm  2000 
Speed of carriage travel, m/s   1.2 
Cutter rotation frequency, rev/min  785 
Installed power, kW     1.28 

 Overall dimensions, mm

length 2440 
width  555 
height  1450